Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Football - Choices - Chances - Wrong'Un ?

Tuesday night - Monday night saw the Chadderton/Ashton United option called off about 1700 - tonight saw the Trafford/Hyde game called "on" mid-afternoon with the rider that "the pitch won't take any more water" - I checked weather.co.uk who promised showers/wind for the evening. I decided - "no". Other options were Stockport v Grimsby - kick off @1915 - and Droylsden v Farsley in the Setanta Shield ...

In the end it was sod 'em all - Trafford - would have needed the car - came home to find Mrs Smiffy on her way out in car - but to be honest the rider put me off anyway. Stockport - kick-off too early - and the same prob I would have had @ Droylsden - no "camera ticket" - at Conference level it's my own fault - I have the forms - I just ain't returned them - and I suppose that if I had a Conf Ticket I could have tried the blag move at Edgeley Park (did the Stockport Senior Cup Final there last season !)

So ...pub ... Railway @ Greenfield .. Chelseas v Everton - hoping for the "Everton backlash" after their "performance" agin Oldham in the FA Cup on Saturday. Not long after SWP put Chelsea in front we got thunder/lightning/wind/rain outside - maybe I chose right ? Everton managed to equalise after Mikkel was red carded but in true "big team style" Chelsea nicked an undeserved winner. My book has all sorts of bits and bobs in it like ...

Sky commentary - absolute crap - talking of Everton "damage limitation" after 40 minutes/away goals after equaliser/tomorrows game every 10 minutes - not a commentator - more a salesman ..

Pienaar - can't play - Yobo can - African Nations Cup rules - FIFA - one team OK another team - hmmm.

Joleon Lescott - my MOM - but everything seemed to go pear-shaped in the last five minutes - involving him !!

Roll on the real world - i.e Saturday @ Harrogate RA - cus I ain't watching t'other game later tonight ..

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