Saturday, January 12, 2008

Friday Morning/Evening Train Info

Platform 1 (to Huddersfield and beyond) - Not working;

Platform 2 (to Manc Vic/Picc) - Working;

Platform 3 (to Man Vic) - Not working;

Now HOW did that work ....?

(Oh and if anyone out there catches the 0735 to Manchester Airport on a morning - is it just me or does it sound like "Manchester Bearport" when chap - Garry ? - is announcing ??)

Tonight - a curry @ Zeera in Castleton (the Rochdale one), - me driving ergo 2 pints of Pokey Pola - returning home @ 2145 to a complete shambles - my advice is, "If you're only 4 stone wet through, about 15/16 years old, and have some kind of eating disorder - don't drink too much wine". No doubt me and Mrs Smiffy are now in the sh*t - in some people's eyes anyway - for going out ..... we'll have to see how this one pans out - or gets suitably hushed up / forgotten about - not unlike my lad's broken jaw incident where the protagonist remains free - and will remain free due to lack of evidence (witnesses too scared to testify). What makes this one all the more galling is the complete lack of communication from the Police - too busy harassing smokers no doubt ....

Watch tomorrow's football get rained off when we're halfway to Harrogate - if we're really lucky, they'll tell us early doors - or the train will be late, giving that little bit of extra time before we shell out £13-90 for our Day Returns to Starbeck ....

Welcome to the (bloody) weekend ...

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