Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mossley v Radcliffe Borough

Two points "hurled away" in the end - a 90th minute equaliser said it all really. To be honest we never looked comfy at 1-0 or 2-1 - and I don't know about you but the late late subs by us were not a good idea (i.e. we were 2-1 up at the time - shaky - but still 2-1 up). I dunno - you'll get more erudite stuff in other places tomorrow no doubt - meanwhile, some pix at

Very disappointing - the 100/105% we were getting out of the players earlier in the season seems to have dropped - to at most 50% - wonder if there's a reason for this - those who went to Skem on Saturday reckoned it was a lot lot less than 50% - but then again I was at Harrogate - so I understand fully where they were coming from.

In true "buggeration" mode, we move on to play Ossett Albion on Saturday - they're 4th in the table, so it's not going to be easy...what makes tonight worse is that we've dropped another place with Wakefield beating Clitheroe.

All of a sudden, it's starting to get difficult - both on and off the pitch ........answers on a postcard please to ....etc etc etc

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