Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bad Night All Round ...

.. OK Wolves beat Brum ... but ... Curzon Ashton came to Mossley and got revenge for Boxing Day with a 2-0 victory - "lucky to win" was the quote from one Curzon official, but I wasn't complaining - they "hustled" Mossley out of the game (I use "hustled" where others will use "thuggery" - it did work both ways at times) - Curzon 'keeper Carnell my MOM - one terrific save seconds before they went 1-0 up - and a similar one in the second half - there was, I felt, a certain amount of "ring rustiness" all round (both teams - and your snapper tonight- yep I even missed the second goal !) - some pix (not my best but hey ....) at

Mossley v Curzon

.. and Stalybridge lost tonight down at Ebbsfleet - not had time to check out "the details" - just the score.

Good to see a game on grass though - it did cut up badly (weather forecst said "no rain" - it rained !!) - and we're at home to Lancaster on Saturday as well - should be OK though - however - it's half-one and time for bed (when "the can is bare" ) ....

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