Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Stalybridge Celtic v Hucknall Town

a 2-2 draw - and credit to Hucknall for snatching the point at the death - pix at

Celtic were well on top throughout - but seemed to "fall down" on the edge of the box with monotonous regularity - still reckon the "ring rusty" excuse can be used at times - but the approach play was great - just managed to throw it away - twice !! I wouldn't see it as a cause for concern however - it's "all there" - just needs to come together neatly - Celtic play Workington on Saturday - a bit of a bogey team in the past, so that would be a good time for it to click.

Meanwhile Mossley were creeping past Maine Road - after extra time - in the Manky Cup Quarter Final ....still need to check out more as I got back late last night and have (as you've probably noticed) only just sorted the pix out - sorry for the delay, but until someone pays me loads to take pix and upload them at half-time via the wireless broadband on the laptop from the comfort of the Social Club, I still have to sleep and then go to work - that place where the "sack race" is continuing apace - "one-a-day" before Christmas - and several since (including two people called Clive in the last 24 hours - we're now completely "Clive-free" - loads of Mikes left though ...

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