Saturday, January 10, 2009

Woodley Sports v Rossendale United

A welcome football match in a Greater Manchester desert (I think Bury played mind ..) - a welcome "decent crowd" of over 250 for Woodley - same reason (about 120 togs there today - and they ran out of soup !!) - and a welcome win for Woodley as well (I'm putting it down to a change in MY routine, namely a pint in the "Navigation" in Woodley, rather than the "Railway" in Woodley - all Robbies mind !)

Some pictures at:

Woodley Sports 2 Rossendale United 0

Another good performance from the youngsters of Woodley (OK , including Jeff Whitley and Gary Furnival, but mostly "under 45s !" ) - they did well last week against Kendal with no reward, so altogether more satisfying for the locals this weekend - and I grabbed a "bit of a chat" with Woodley "supremo" (?) Tony Whiteside after the game - the only downside was my inability to "clock" Rod Haslam standing/climbing in a silly way !!

.. and tonight it rains/thaws etc etc - so what chance Mossley v Curzon Ashton on Tuesday night ?

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Underwriter said...

Good pics from the Woodley game in what were not the best temperatures for keeping hands outside of pockets.
I also took a camera along to the game ( a joint christmas/birthday present ). First time since the demise of TeamTalk non league magazine that I have taken pictures at a game.
Have to say fully support your comments on the Hyde forum. Such a location is no place to choose sides or make a political commenton such a devastating and complicated issue.
Besr regards.