Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Birthday !!!!

... to Tamla Motown - 50 years old today ... some folks may see me as a bit of an old hippie/heavy rocker - but I spent the early/mid/late 60s listening to some classic Motown (a much better option than early Beatles/Merseybeat stuff). There are still some tracks that stand out for me ..."Nowhere to Run" and "Dancing in the Street" (Martha Reeves & the Vandellas) ... "Road Runner" from Junior Walker .. "Tracks of my Tears" and "Tears of a Clown" (Smokey Robinson) - probably my top 5 Motown tracks. Mrs Smiffy is a bit of a Stax afficianado as well so we're well covered for toons at "Chez Smiffy" (don't forget - get up to date with the 'Soul of the 21st Century' .. "This is Seb Clarke" - engineered by our Michelle!)

I leave you with a shameless link to my fave Motown track ..

(and if I could have found a YouTube link to "The Commitments" version - I'd have posted that as well !)

Politics - not tonight (just one entry on the Hyde board tonight - they need something to talk about as there's been bugger all in the way of football for a while !) - Ashton United have beaten Horwich RMI 3-1 in the Unibond Cup tonight after extra time) - and fingers crossed for Mossley vs Curzon Ashton tomorrow evening - tonight's weather forecast was extremely promising... !

(and good luck to Celtic in their FA Trophy "long haul" to Ebbsfleet - a home tie awaits against Uxbridge or Swindon Supermarine in the 3rd Round if they win).

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Nortoner said...

50 years of Motown..... That makes me feel very, very old! Especially as I know the words to all of the tracks you named!