Monday, January 05, 2009

Shameless Photographic Plug !!

A forgotten moment from Christmas - walking on the Saturday (27th), a "bump" on a dry-stone wall led to a the big scratch on UV filter (though strangely, pix taken afterwards - with filter still on - showed no scratch - am I missing something here ?). Hey ho, home in the evening, onto EBay and found a replacement - damn cheap with reasonable p&p - do you need to spend £20+ when it's only really a lens protector ??

Anyway - big up to partner4dc - in addition to all the above, it arrived on New Years Eve - OK no footy in the end on NYD, but if there had been ... that's bloomin prompt service given the holidays - and he's based in Manchester as well !

Worthy of a plug I feel - will be returning to partner4dc for a 77mm polarizing filter very soon ...

... if only Northern "pigging" Rail were as efficient - but now I'm dreaming ...

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