Thursday, January 15, 2009

RIP "Number 6"


Yep, Patrick McGoohan - best remembered by me as "Number 6" in the classic cult series "The Prisoner" - finally "met his Rover" on Tuesday aged 80. Younger readers may remember him playing King Edward I in "Braveheart", and he appeared in many other films as well ("Ice Station Zebra" is another one I can remember).

Still it was his meanderings around "The Village" (aka Portmeirion - a grand day out that is as well - designed and built by Taylor Woodrow - no actually it was Sir Clough Williams-Ellis whilst under the influence of something we should ALL be taking on a regular basis !!!) that stick in my mind most of all - "A still tongue makes a happy life" - and the surrealism of the writing certainly matched the surroundings - and was well in keeping with the late 1960s ...

Be seeing you Patrick
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