Thursday, February 12, 2009

Different Sh*t - Different Fan

Fresh from ... whatever ... today's post was going to be entitled "Wee Cough" - because I've got one - starting tonight - a bit of a seven day silver wedding anniversary booze-up/chill-out at (believe it or not) an Elizabethan Manor House what we've rented - 14 beds and open house for all the family members.

AND THEN - I get an invite @ work to a hastily-arranged "Staff Forum" meeting on Friday morning, entitled "Restructure" - apparently some of the "hatchet men" are back from the "hatchets anonymous" meeting in Abbey Dabbey. And rumours that began at the end of last week start to take on a new meaning - looks like we're in for some serious redundancy sh*t - some of the numbers quoted sound rather nasty (DTI have allegedly been informed on the 60 day "gig" - so we're talking twixt 20 and 99 - 99 is nearly 50% of the full-time staff !!! ) Therefore holiday does not begin tonight - as the Union Rep/Shop Steward/Bolshie Opinionated Bar Steward, I'd better be there. Reading between the many lines - eek !

In the words of SteveMcCroskey (Lloyd Bridges) in "Airplane" - "Looks like I picked the wrong week to ...."



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