Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Update - Football and Work Stuff

First things first - pix from last night now up and running at

Celtic home hoodoo continues

Work ? A "staff forum" meeting today - apparently it's part of the "consultation exercise" - I call it going through the motions - we can "jaw jaw" - but it's a done deal - in other words - 50% of the company are f*cked no matter what - wonderful - enough to turn you to drink (if that turn hadn't already been made) - 'tis the stress-related smoking that's scaring me ....

Fingers crossed for the sub-editors at the "Derby Evening Telegraph" as well - it's all kicking off daaaaarn there as well (with me knowing a sub-editor) ... anyone else out there in "recession land" heading for oblivion ??? Not to worry - KFC will be "taking on" soon - with most in the North of England apparently ....


Anonymous said...

ayup mike if it all goes tits up you could start a micro brewery
"smiffy ales!

Mike Smith said...

... too many of them buggers round here already Ian - think Millstone, Shaws, Howard Town, Greenfield ...I'd be drinking the profits anyway !!!!

Anonymous said...

whooa Mike, sounds like you deserve one or two cheeky cigs.

We need a fit and healthy Smiffy up at Seel Park however. Who else is going to organise the train travel for the Eco Crew?


Anonymous said...

doley scum lol

you coming to lancaster on the booze train