Monday, February 02, 2009

Southern Jessies ....

Snowed a bit today I'm told ... 0640 this morning, Radio 4 announced the "transport problems" viz London, London, South East, London etc etc bloody etc - the flipping London Underground was suspended !?!?!?! Now tell me I'm wrong, but "underground" implies large amounts of earth etc between sky and choo choo train (yes I AM aware of the outer London "overground" - and bits of the Circle Line) - my guess is that if London was closed today the credit crunch / recession problems have in fact tripled ....

Meanwhile in a land far far away (oop north) - my trains ran normally - I slipped and slid on the pavements - we only grit roads round here (no underground you see ..) - managed a day's work - got home OK on the trains (remember - 15 miles - three trains each way ...) - believe London still shut .... some piccies from today anyways ...starting with an exotic view from my 4th floor boudoir in Cheadle Hulme - a few miles straight ahead is Manchester Airport - where planes took off and landed today - unlike Heathrow (and they want another bloody runway ??)

The "missing pic" from Friday @ Stalybridge - no flunkeys in tonight so I get to go in the posh room !!

Coming home this evening - Mossley Station - where trains were running - unlike London ..

Our back yard (believe they're called "gardens" down south ... probably closed though - our back gate is broken !)

..and finally a quick fiddle with the old steel rule - I'd have probably found deeper, but I felt that the point had already been well and truly "made" !!!!!

Football - tomorrow - no bloody chance !!!

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