Wednesday, February 04, 2009

TV Footy = Desperation

Last night - my night out - I ended up watching Tottenham v Chelsea (1997/98) together with England v West Indies (1976 @ Trent Bridge) thanks to Arsenal "bottling it" 24 hours earlier - see "Southern Jessie" words below !!

Tonight .... a lack of home TVs meant no football until now (2330) -looking forward to the Forest/Derby game !!

Weekend offers - God only knows - we supposed to have more snow tomorrow - and we've still got loads on our pavements (usual sh*t - do the roads and sod the walkers) - incidentally one point from last weekend's debacle in Colwyn Bay - I had a bag of Walkers "Builders Breakfast" flavour crisps, suggested by a certain "Emma from Belper" - my initial enquiries tell me that there are many many Emmas in Belper - but who came up with the idea ??? I enjoyed them - and they sound far more tempting than Cajun bloomin Squirrel !!

(Shouldn't Bywater have walked ????)

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