Sunday, August 07, 2011

Curzon Ashton v Barton Rovers (PSF)

Barton Rovers' previous "Big Day Out" ...

... with the 'big guns' of FC Halifax Town at Ashton United - and FC United of Manchester at Stalybridge Celtic ...... I had to go for the "unusual" of course; I mean how often will you see a team from Bedfordshire "oop north" for a pre-season friendly ?? OK it transpires that they were apparently on a stag do in Manchester on the Saturday night - and looking at the game, it DID seem that a few minds were not quite on the football side of the weekend !!

So - a comfortable win for Curzon in the end, with some pictures at

Curzon Ashton 4 Barton Rovers 0

... still not "quite there" with the new camera - when using "centre-point" focus, some pix seem to be drifting to the right a wee bit - I "think" it might be me twitching slightly as I press the shutter, because it's not a consistent fault with all the piccies - hey-ho ... "the more pictures I take the luckier I'll get" (mantra according to Snapper from Belper Town !!)

and yes it was a fairly "easy to recognize" Curzon Ashton team as well, with about 95% having played at Mossley over the last couple of seasons; and the afternoon stayed dry as well - which was more than can be said for Saturday morning when I copped for it big style - thunder, lightning, typhoons (well not quite - let's just say A LOT of rain !!). Back out "in the countries" for the first three days next week - and I also notice that most of the "local" pre-season friendlies have finished, what with the league games starting next Saturday - I'm sure we'll find something though ...


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