Wednesday, August 10, 2011

First Postponement of the Season ...

... and it was nowt to do with "safety reasons" ... tonight's game of choice was to be Oldham Boro v Daisy Hill in the North West Counties League Division One. However the weather put paid to that ... and I got wet during the day as well !!

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Anonymous said...

Cheadle - Chadderton didn't stay the course either, but not entirely because of the weather's effect on the pitch. It was abandoned after 72 minutes believe it or not because the "assistant referee"...who incidentally was approximately the size of a small garden shed and had a gut the size of Portsmouth...claimed that he couldn't see the touchline because of the rain in his eyes. Both sides were happy to play with a volunteer running the line but the ref refused (had to support his pal I suppose) and called the game off. You couldn't make it up!