Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dead Tom ?

... or maybe Toms (why not go for a title that "jumps out" ???)

The magical tomato "adventure" has hit a problem - as in one of the stalks just "snapped off" due to the weight of toms/way it was planted/whatever ...

... which left me with ...

First word I heard was wash 'em, dry 'em, wrap 'em in newspaper and stick 'em somewhere dark ..." - which is what I did - I later found out that I could have tried to rescue the stalk by putting it in water and changing it every day and after a while re-planting - whatever ... there's still three plants 'hanging' in there - and a couple of the toms are heading towards the "red" colour as well.

Football - can't be bothered at the moment ...

Politics - can't be bothered at the moment - although this side of things has really opened my eyes on the views of certain people who I would have put down as friends/drinking/footy buddies ... there's SO much I could say on the whole thing - but I have to be careful as if I said something like "The Government is POO" - or "Let's Wreck Mossley on Friday Night" - I could well end up being A) hung drawn and quartered B) Jailed for Life C) transported to the colonies - 'exceptional circumstances call for exceptional sentencing' (unless you're a corrupt politican/ corrupt TV mogul/ corrupt newspaper hack/corrupt football star - so many role models to respect - HA ! ) an eye for an eye etc ... I've even seen/read well-known(and some not so well-known) racists advocating Sharia Law (as if they've any clue what this actually is !!). It's so sad to see the so-called "lower end" of this country basically kicking sh*t out of each other while the REAL criminals are just sitting in their (very rich) Ivory Towers laughing at us all ... just the way the 'Rich and Powerful' like it.

Amazing to think that back in the early 19th Century, Manchester saw the "Peterloo Massacre" - and these 'rioters' were subsequently lauded ... and did anyone watch "Quadrophenia" on the telly last night ??

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