Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Getting Back to Normal ?

... in more ways than one - work OK - another "new one" to tick off - strange weather though ... VERY humid - only gripe this week so far is Housing Association Flats - in some of the blocks there's just no-one there, so "NO ACCESS" is this weeks 'endorsement of choice' !!. Other "chunks of "normality" ... - listening to someone on the radio this morning telling me (and all other over-50s) I've NOT been putting enough into my pension scheme/schemes (it wasn't a comedy programme either - just another one of these moneygrabbing short-termist bar stewards from the "financial sector" - you know the sort - thieving scum) - tomatoes - have been doing really well in my absence (although I had sorted out a watering schedule with "homeboys" whilst we were away ) - here's one pic ...

I tried to count the whole thing (4 plants) in total - and I got bored after 70 ... so an 8 seed packet for £2-99 is certainly going to pay for itself ...

OK - I went to the Orkneys ... and - like it or not - everyone should (?) go to this small village (more like a hamlet really) just to say "I've been there ...". There are signs pointing you there, but no signs to say "you are there" ... however, here's a small piccie taken in the churchyard of said place ... apologies if it upsets/offends anyone - but you just HAVE to do it (they even sell mugs in Kirkwall, so ...).

Up for some football tonight (Stalybridge Celtic v Chester FC) - just been thinking ... this new camera has yet to do a Saturday afternoon game - plenty of time yet - it's only JUST August !!!

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