Thursday, August 04, 2011

Stalybridge v Chester ...

... or "About time you slacker" (picture-wise) - I got there in the end (only 48 hours behind !) - not totally brill but I have been having some problems with lenses ... I think they're OK but ...

In short, Stalybridge Celtic are starting to look useful; much improved from the team that played Man City before my hols !!

Stalybridge Celtic 3 Chester FC 1

Day off today - but I went into work anyway (just had a holiday - need the money - plus subsidising two scroungers at home as well) - and got suitably WET. And yes - Mrs Smiffy and I DID go to see the final part of the "Harry Potter saga" last night - in glorious 2D of course (what's with this £2-10 "uplift" for 3D films - plus 80p for the spex - obviously just another large company - I'm talking Cineworld here - taking the p*ss - and the profits ...) - very good it was too - just a few "deviations" from the book, but all tidied up (well Voldemort was suitably "tidied up" at the end !!!).

Struggling to play catch-up on the main "Six Tame Sides website" - amazing what a week - well nearly 10 days - can do. We'll get there ... Saturday looks like a trip to the Tameside Stadium to watch Curzon Ashton play Barton Rovers of the Zammo League (bit of a bugger really - Mossley have a friendly "down the Butthole" at Shepshed Dynamo - it would have been nice to take a wander down there and see some "old friends" ... but hey that's recession, redundancy and a new working pattern for you - well for me anyway !!).

Going for a sulk now ...

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