Monday, November 28, 2011

All I Want for Christmas is ...

... a new A-Z of Oldham, Rochdale and District - mine is now starting to show its age !!

... falling apart at the seams (maybe get something to wipe up the coffee stains as well !)

Sadly today - after three weeks in the country - it was back on the "mean streets of Oldham" (Derker and Higginshaw to be exact - three-quarters of one walk and a quarter of another one - weird but true !) Another 'funny' - I got a bit of a telling-off on the postie message board (yep - it's not all football y'know) for something I did last week - one comment was " are not paid to show initiative or thought ..." - reckon it's a bit sad when people are starting to live their lives by those sort of rules - must do wonders for their self-respect !

Today's FA Trophy Draw has thrown up a couple of interesting ties for the two local clubs - Droylsden are at home to last season's beaten finalists Mansfield Town, while Stalybridge Celtic have an interesting "local derby" away at Stockport County (might try to blag a snapper's pass for that one - naturally assuming I finish work early enough - especially as the Christmas rush will be getting up to full throttle by December 10th - aargh !)

Football this week ? Ashton United v Whitby Town on Wednesday night I think (might ease off the ISO a bit as well - not totally convinced with the results from the "high numbers" !).

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't sure if you'd heard about this Mike? I know it's close to your heart!

EDIT: the word verification thingy says 'unhative'... How apt/weird.