Sunday, November 27, 2011

Just for Fun ... a Poster Posting !

... basically because it's blowing a gale outside - not exactly brilliant walking weather (and Mrs Smiffy has already put tonight's tea in the slo-cooker !) - I decided to spend a couple of hours messing about with football photos taken during 2011. "Why not some kind of poster" thought I.

So - I picked out a load of random (OK and some 'not so random' !) pictures from the past 11 months, sized them down a bit and had a play with something called "ShapeCollage" (found on net). Not bad but ... not quite ... so into Photoshop Elements 6 (thanks again Ken !) - and , one picture at a time, created something a bit more like it. Finished results of both efforts can be found at

Six Tame Sides "Official" 2011 Poster

... and NO, I've not counted how many pix from each club (although it's fairly obvious that Droylsden and Hyde are in the minority - apologies for that). Obviously the jAlbum pic is somewhat "lo-res" (I've attempted to size the original at A3) - but if anyone wants one, let me know and I can e-mail out a copy of the big 'un.

How about that - the perfect Christmas gift (!) - and it's FREE !!!

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Nortoner said...

Haha - no problem Mike - and if Father Christmas brings me Photoshop Elements 10, as requested on my Xmas list, there might even be an upgrade to Elements 8 if you speak nicely to me!