Saturday, December 24, 2011

The holiday begins !

Isn't Photoshop wonderful !!!

... an early start today (0615hrs !) in the hope of an early finish - and after the way things have gone this week I'm reckoning that a 1330 hrs finish WAS early. A small "celebratory libation" in a local hostelry before home (and the big bugger luminous coat straight into the wash - it needed one !) - an early Christmas present turned up as well - the RM Issue big Caterpillar "bovver boots" (which WILL need breaking in a bit mind - have had them on around the house for an hour or so) !!

So Christmas can finally begin - so it's begun with roasting up a small joint of beef (after giving it a honey and mustard glaze) for chopping up into cold cuts. A few pressies to wrap later as well. Tonight's festive extravaganza will be ... pizzas - and why not !!!

Anyway - on behalf of the entire "Six Tame Sides" staff (of one !) I'd like to wish all readers a very pleasant Christmas - at least this year (unlike 12 months ago) we're all probably guaranteed some football on Boxing Day. It's just a bloody shame that there's pretty much NO public transport on Boxing Day to enable those who like the odd "tincture" to arrive at games in safety. Myself - I really ought to be thinking about Hyde FC v Stalybridge Celtic ... but it's the getting there !!! Mossley (five minute walk) are at home to Cammell Laird so eco-thinking says that one (and I can have a drink or five as well !). Guess I'll have to see how I feel on Boxing Day morning.

Have a good 'un folks ...


NZ Neal said...

Merry Christmas Mr Smith. Keep up the good work in 2012!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy following your blog, Happy Christmas Mr Smiff