Sunday, December 04, 2011

Stalybridge Celtic v Boston United

"Pineapple" long since gone - Jason Lee and Greg Wilkinson challenge

Just been looking at some "football" pix from this time last year - I suppose we should be thankful for small mercies. Even so, the 'postponement season' has begun with a couple of Evo-Stik North games falling foul of the weather yesterday (including Mossley's trip to Prescot Cables). As predicted the 'Christmas Rush' has begun on the post, so I was struggling to get done for a decent time yesteday (already looking ominous for next Saturday's hopeful trip to Stockport County !). Managed to just make the 1430 fast bus from Mossley to Stalybridge, and a quick yomp up the Mottram Road saw me arrive safe and well (just in time for a pre-match tipple - hurrah !).

It was cold - it was damp - but it was, in the end a comfortable win for the home side. They did leave it rather late, with two goals in the last five minutes to give the score (3-0) a more realistic feel. Some pictures at

Stalybridge Celtic 3 Boston United 0

Once again a bit of a struggle towards the end , not just with the light but with the cold and wet and "wind chill". Also a bit peed off - I took up station on the edge of the Boston penalty area with 85mm lens at the start of the second half, only for 90% of the play to be constricted to midfield - so put 70-200mm on and shifted round towards the halfway line, only to miss the chance of a few decent hits on the two late goals. Such are the perils of not having a "proper game plan", and trying to get an overview of the whole game rather than deciding, for example, "Celtic will score a few and I will concentrate solely on that".

Maybe Tuesday night then - although weather is pretty grim again today (not looking too brilliant early next week either !).

Enough for now - a "day indoors" is on the cards - dry off gear from yesterday, dry off me from nipping out for the "Non League Paper" an hour ago, and maybe some Christmas planning as well - oh and put new camera strap on camera !!!

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