Saturday, December 10, 2011

Well - I Got 45 minutes !

... another manic day ... finished at about 1500hrs - aargh - so Stockport was a no-no anyway. By the time I got home, sorted myself out and walked up the road, the half-time whistle was blowing. Got in the club just in time to see someone texting me the latest score (!!) - as in 0-0.

And that's the way it finished - another miserable day weather-wise (morning, noon and after-bloody-noon) - and I managed the grand total of 35 pictures - which will be looked at later as we're off to Manchester for theatre-type stuff in 10 minutes ...

I will return ...

(on the bright - some will say selfish - side, Stalybridge drew @ Stockport - so game on for Tuesday night !)

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