Saturday, November 07, 2009

Christmas is full of Blunder ..

... Thursday it was Tameside Council - today it's Oldham Council who "get one in the neck" !!

When the free paper arrives - it arrives laden with flyers (because that is how the delivery person gets paid) - amongst the pile this week was a jolly flyer from Oldham viz ...

.. detailing all the events twixt now and Crimbo ... the back page contained some useful website links and information about travelling to Oldham ... some of you "locals" may well have guessed what comes next ...

For those "not in the know" ... the Oldham Loop railway line closed down at the beginning of October as part of the expansion work to the Manchester Metrolink Tram System. It will be closed until at least 2011 ..... (tumbleweed moment) .....

Do you get the feeling that Oldham Council "recycled" last year's brochure design and changed a few bits 'inside' - whilst failing to change a few bits 'outside' ??


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