Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stalybridge Celtic v Chester City ...

... in the Cheshire Senior Cup. Pix at

Stalybridge Celtic 1 Chester City 2

... felt that some Celtic "minds" were more interested in the Droylsden game this coming Saturday rather than getting stuck in this evening - at times it did look like a training session for both sides ... some lovely one touch stuff going absolutely nowhere !! With Chester having a league match last night one assumes this was pretty much a second string tonight - they looked a useful side mind.

One point that has been raised elsewhere is the "full price" option tonight, which I know for a fact has kept a few away. Looking around, I note that a good many clubs do actually drop their prices for County Cup games (latest example I've spotted is Ilkeston, knocking it down to £3 for their Derbyshire Senior Cup game against Pinxton next midweek). One area to look at for the future - might have helped to create a better atmosphere as well .

Now have a quandary for Saturday as in "where to go" - needs thought - but not now ...

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