Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mossley v Ilkeston Town (FAT Replay)

... despite sterling efforts all round, we didn't make it. Ilkeston obviously took a good look at our performance on Saturday, made the necessary "tweaks", and basically gave us pretty much nowt all night. Pictures are finally available (too much time on my blistered hands ? Not really - 'twas yet another night of drying stuff off !) at

Mossley 0 Ilkeston Town 2

It's been a good FA Trophy run though - makes a welcome change to have had a decent cup run in something other than the Manky Prem (still got the League Cup this season as well, although away @ Lancaster City won't be easy). I reckon it's time to kick-start the league form - beginning on Saturday with a home game against Ossett Albion.

(I wouldn't have been able to make the Blyth game on the 12th December anyway !)

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