Monday, November 30, 2009


Sunday – with Mrs Smiffy still away (think about it - why else would I have been wide awake very late on Saturday night sorting out pictures (after a Chinese Takeaway for tea) AND listening to “Relayer” by Yes AND drinking ‘dirty beer’), I also managed a trip out to pub early Sunday afternoon to watch Kettering Town beat Leeds United (well almost) - and I won some Spare Rib Chops in the “Brit Meat Draw” as well ! – but this trip was ONLY after doing some resealing around the upstairs bath (top tip – sod the lolly sticks idea, squeeze out the silicone stuff – then a dab or three of washing up liquid on the finger and run that along the joint – it tidies up the bead of silicone beautifully !!). Oops football - I reckon keeper Lee Harper should have got MOM – two tremendous saves – and he’s copped for the Manager job since Mark Cooper went to Peterborough - the tempter of a trip to Old Trafford must loom large when they get to the replay.... which leads beautifully on to ..

.. Monday – and today a job interview (ironically for work with the Department of Work and Pensions – they’re taking on staff because … you can work out the rest !) - OK first things first – some lit/num tests to pass – which weeded out 50% of our batch/tranche – before my first job interview since May 1985 – which took place in a private box overlooking the pitch …….. at Old Trafford – I kid you not ! Interview took the best part of 40 minutes – and when I realise I left our house at 0955 – and left Old Trafford at about 1530 (with no food – and without setting foot in the Megastore !) – it was a long day, and I was a complete nervous wreck when I came out !!! The question has been asked by several peeps, viz “How did it go ??”. Well I refer my right honourable reader to the earlier line regarding first interview for nearly 25 years - - - - I’ve absolutely no idea !!!! I gave what I thought was my “best shot” – pass or fail, I’ve been promised feedback from the interview – but having got to that stage … and passing the tests … and getting the interview … it’s a move in the right direction I guess, and any feedback (positive or negative) WILL give me some clues regarding interview performance/technique in the 21st century.

Anyway a couple of shandies helped to relax – and now we prepare for yet another day in the hunt for work – I’m certainly putting together a few “thoughts” regarding the whole “agency/register CV/we feed you job options” – but I’ll leave ‘those thoughts’ for a while .. early days yet. And after the hunt for work – we have football – away at Woodley Sports, so theoretically it could rain/snow/anything – the game should still be on thanks to “3G Fieldturf technology” – although that’s what we all thought last season when we “jollied” up to Durham City – see.

So much for all-weather pitches !!

Fingers crossed all should be fine tomorrow …

Oh yeah – and I’m 53 years young as well ….. and I wonder if it's Woodley Rod's birthday as well - need to check this as I may need to take cake/candles to Lambeth Grove tomorrow.


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