Friday, November 27, 2009

Is it just my Anorak or ....

... sneaked a beer in early evening tonight at the Brit in Mossley - they had this one on (p.s. I didn't drink it - I had the Hopback "Summer Lightning") but then ... I saw this pumpclip and "thought out aloud " of other things - and no bugger else clicked !!!! Therefore I offer up three pix (of which I only took one - naturally) - hopefully someone out there in web land will see the connection ... I offer pumpclip, Robert Arkins and Johnny Murphy ...

Football tomorrow - well since Tuesday the weather has remained "poo" - after the exertions that night, the chances of Mossley v Ossett have to be 50/50 - other local options are Ashton United v North Ferriby United or Droylsden v Hyde United .. possibly another local derby that the weather might bugger up !! A poss train day out = Chorley v Curzon Ashton - but I think we need to wait-a-while tomorrow morning before decisions are made - no car (not that I'd use it anyway !!) - and there are "desperate options" available in the Vodkat League at Oldham and Chadderton.

It's just "that time of year" when it becomes a pain in the butt ... we'll find something - I only hope it's not a dodgy pub Albanian Channel showing the City game !!!

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