Thursday, November 05, 2009

Tameside Council give up on Recycling ??

... recycling ... we do our best at Smiffy Towers - our kitchen contains three "big buggers" entitled "Plastic", "Glass" and "Cans" ... upstairs is the "paper" bag. Over the last few months we've noticed a big big change both in Mossley and at the "big place" in Stalybridge - in Mossley the "recycling centre" up in the Market Place has slowly shrunk and shrunk and shrunk - so much has disappeared and people have ended up just "dumping" bags of stuff as there's been no information as to what to do. I'm now told there is a sign saying something like "No recycling here - anything dumped here = flytipping" - so it now appears the end of recycling has arrived in Mossley. Moving to Stalybridge - to the "main" recycling centre in Tamesides ... our trusty three "separated" boxes now end up in ONE BLOODY CONTAINER - yes - plastic, glass and cans all go into one box.

I reckon Tameside have either
a) given up on the important areas of recycling;
b) found a way of "keeping up their recycling quotas" whilst doing less work locally;
c)just don't give a toss about Mossley.

Whilst on the recycling rant ... I could give Amber Valley Council a "good slapping" as well - the nearest refuse tip to Belper is at Loscoe .. about 7 miles away !!! OK there are basic recycling facilities in Belper for your plastic,glass, cans and paper ... but 7 miles ???? Here in Mossley the "big tip" is only 3 miles away at 'Bridge .... but it looks like we've lost our "basic" options/stuff in town.

Shame on you Tameside ... no communication received to tell us what is going on - no reduction in poll tax if money is being saved ... would love to know what's going on ......


Steve the Tiger said...

Quote " Here in Mossley the "big tip" is only 3 miles away at 'Bridge "

Is that Bower Fold?

Anonymous said...

WARNING WARNING - "Bitch Alert" @ 20 paces :-)