Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Recycling Revisited ...

... a quick follow-up to last Thursday's tale of Tameside Council's "Two Fingers to Recycling" in Mossley. I was walking up to the Co-op yesterday (it's what unemployed people do y'know !) and took this picture for posterity ...

Surely it should say at the bottom "Lots of Love, Your Caring, Sharing Faux-Socialist Council" rather than "Leave a Fag End here and Tough-Talking Tameside will Tw*t You" ... I guess the next step is fortnightly refuse collections - ho ho ! Even this week our Monday collection ... finally happened on Tuesday - ha !

Enough of this frivolity - I now have to write 300+ words on why I want a job with the GMC (that's Medical not Manchester !!). I also have to revise my Alice in Chains in prep for the Academy on Saturday night. Only then am I allowed out to the football at Bower Fold tonight !

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