Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Some Pre-Match Cliches ...

... at ten to six ...

"Greasy surface tonight";
"The pitch will be a great leveller";
"The winners will be those that want it most";
"It's all to play for tonight";
"A bitterly cold night but the atmosphere will be red hot";
"Fortress Seel Park";
"At the end of the day it'll be eleven against eleven out there";
"It's our year this year"

...... and finally the ultimate cliche, direct from today's BBC Website ..

"Clichy out for several weeks"

Tonight's winners will be away to Ilkeston Town in the next round ... until later then ... I have my big (but not "rugged") coat, gloves (with the ends chopped off) , hat ("sans bobble") etc etc ... aargh ...

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