Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fame at Last ? Parts 1 and 2

Part 1 ... noticed a few "flames" across the valley last night - pix went on blog, and just for the hell of it I forwarded same two pix to the Manchester Evening News ... and they used one of them !!! Check out

(P.S. the name "Mike Jones" in the story should actually read "Mike Smith" - at least they've corrected the caption under the photo though !!!)

Part 2 - Tameside Radio (103.6FM) have a "Non-League Show" on Friday nights 'twixt 1800/1900. This Friday they're having a bit of an "End of Season Review" featuring Keith Trudgeon from Stalybridge Celtic and ... me ! I was asked - why not ?? My last radio appearance would have been on BBC Radio Stoke's "Top School Quiz" back in the early 70s representing the mighty Graham Balfour High School in Stafford - although I've done TV since then - a BBC South "Chat Show" when I was living in Andover in the late 70s (still got the official BBC contract somewhere - got £10 + travelling expenses from Andover to Southampton !!).

Been down to the Tameside Stadium tonight watching the Vodkat League Cup Final - New Mills v Winsford United ... which finished up 1-0 to Winsford (which I guess goes down as a "surprise") - will run through pix now - expect something tomorrow I guess ...

Unfortunately is STILL not working properly - but I need to give it another 24 hours (all this DNS stuff) before I start grumbling with web hosters - as I've had to say tonight to a couple of peeps .. just Google "six tame sides" and you can't go wrong ... but if you're reading this - it doesn't really matter - does it ?!?!

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