Sunday, May 08, 2011

Marsden v Tyersal - 07May11

... just like last season - when the football runs out "over here", it's time to travel "over there" !!! Two stops on the train - 12 minutes (including "big tunnel" !) - Marsden awaited. It was a 1330 kick-off, but fortunately, I wasn't working. Within minutes of the game starting ... the heavens opened ! Marsden took the lead from a "David Beckham-esque" free-kick from Carl Sykes - no-one warned the snapper about his free-kick prowess - so I bloomin' missed it !! Tyersal soon got a well-worked equaliser though and the rest of the first half was a pretty even affair. Not so the second half - Marsden made most of the running and Tyersal were restricted to the odd breakways - but while it stood as 1-1 ... anything could have happened. That was until Marsden got a free kick with about 10 minutes left ... this time I was prepared (although I couldn't legislate for players "getting in the way" !!) - and it finished 2-1 to the home side. Pictures at

Marsden 2 Tyersal 1

After the game - whilst packing up my stuff (and having a disaster - more about that later), I was chatting to the "unofficial ball boy" - to find out that he was the former Oldham Athletic and Macclesfield Town player - and Mossley Manager, George Sievwright. Obviously his time as Mossley boss was before my time, but we had a good natter about Macc Town, Stafford Rangers and the Cheshire League in general - long enough for me to miss the train back to Mossley - no worries though as 45 minutes was spent in the "Railway" drinking Wychwood "Elderwych" - very nice indeed !

Back to Mossley - and virtually straight out again to friends in Rochdale. Good nosh, stayed over and today went for a long walk around Heptonstall and Hardcastle Crags (more pics to follow) before home for a "spag bol" ... and this ...

Tomorrow night - we're all off to Buxton Opera House to see Seth Lakeman ... and given his penchant for maritime disasters (lyric-wise anyway !), we'll be checking the Shipping Forecast before heading over the hill !!

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