Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Morning After ...

"... Till the bitter end ..." - Stafford's Craig McAughtrie

... so there you go - Hyde reprieved and Stafford down ... it might have been 3-2 at Bower Fold yesterday but it was a lot more comfortable for Stalybridge than the score suggests. It was only my third viewing of the Rangers this season (after watching defeats at Droylsden and Hyde), but yet again it was easy to see why they were in the position they were in - they were just not good enough for Blue Square level football - only really starting to play when it was too too late. There's been no end of "off the field kerfuffles" as well at Marston Road - and I guess now is the time for change, starting at the top - "new league new start" as someone has said. One thing that can't be faulted is the level of support - it was an excellent turn-out yesterday - one which puts a lot of Blue Square North teams to shame - and they just kept singing !! Reckon an early job at Marston Road IS to get the "Shed End" back to its former glory - surely putting up a "roof on a couple of sticks" can't cost that much - and getting that atmosphere back at what has become a ground devoid of same would be an important first step, creating a focus for the faithful which could then filter through to those on the pitch. The other hope is that they do end up in the Evo-Stik Premier rather than "Daarn Saarff" - would keep travelling costs reasonable for starters if nothing else (and I'll get to see 'em at Ashton United !!). This decision won't be made for a week or three yet - guess it's dependent on play-offs, possible clubs "going under" ... and naturally the whims of League Management Committees !!

Some thanks from yesterday - to Royal Mail for sticking me on a walk (in Stalybridge ironically !) which enabled me to finish at a reasonable hour to get to the match in time even for a pre-game 'shandy'; to "Spoonie" who swapped me a DVD of one of Stafford's finest hours/90 minutes (FA Trophy Final 1972 - I was there !) for a small recompense (one to watch when Mrs S goes out !); and to Staybridge's Connor Jennings for the small gift (chilling nicely in the fridge !) in exchange for a shed load of photos taken over the last 12 months.

What next for football ?? Will obviously need to pore over the "Non League Paper" fixture list for next week - I know there's a few play-off games, but nothing really local enough (unless Curzon can beat Chorley and AFC Fylde could beat Skelmersdale - now THAT would set up a home final for Curzon next Friday night) - there might be something in the Vodkat League or Manchester League ... we'll see. At least I now have a week off work now - although the jobs list is probably being compiled in Mrs Smiffy's head as I type - certainly a few "construction jobbies" in the garden are on the menu ... and I think Asda, B&Q and Ikea are on today's agenda !!!

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