Sunday, May 22, 2011

Spelling Bee (in my bonnet !)

... got a free sample through the post yesterday (my apologies to the Ashton postie - hope you didn't have too many of the buggers - although many thanks for the "Benidorm Series 1" DVD that you pushed through - good old EBay !). It was a dishwasher tablet (and at 10p a throw - it'll get used !). However I noticed this when unwrapping same (might need a double-click to see "my OCD problem") ...

Now I'd have ALWAYS gone for the single "t" myself, but I guess we're into the English English/American English "grey area" (or should that be "gray area" ? NO !!). A quick Google came up with this - gospel or not I do not know ... but it's good enough for me !!!

Weather still poo - so no cricket pics this evening I'm afraid - with Mrs S away again today I might just go for a bit of "Survival Sunday" on that damned satellite thingy - after first preparing tonight's "feast" (to get round the "couple of hours" out of the house I'll be doing the roast beef the "slow-roast" way (or should that be "slo-roast" way ? NO !) - better see what Jamie Oliver says about it ...

Come on the Wolves !!!

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