Saturday, May 14, 2011

Problems Solved !!

... happy days are here again ... yes if you type in - it works (DNS servers, MX records and all that stuff finally seem to be sorted - and that means my "cheap and nasty" business cards are once again valid !!!)

That New Mills v Winsford report - Frith knows where that went - but I can certainly remember doing it - suffice to say, despite the Millers having the majority of the possession they were completely unable to breach the well-drilled Winsford rearguard - and Winsford got that vital breakaway effort (see picture link for the piccies I posted yesterday) and then continued to keep New Mills at bay.

Friday night - after a hard day's graft it was home, get changed and back down to Ashton to make my radio debut on "Pav's Patch" - a bit nerve-wracking to say the least ... totally unscripted (although I did take a few "crib sheets" with me - league positions and the odd comment about each of the Six Tame Sides) - seemed to go OK in the end - and if anyone missed it you can go on the Tameside Radio "Play it again Sam" option (Friday 13th 1800-1900 - although the options involve having to listen to the 1714-1814 slot and the 1814-1914 slot as well - weird !!!!) - I've yet to hear it myself - but I will - and try to make a copy of same. Here's a dodgy pic of Pav and Trudge taken last night (they kept moving !!) - just for the record ...

Managed to do well today at work (got wet mind !) - giving me time to dry, change, drink lucozade - and then slope off down to the "Britannia" to watch the Cup Final - think one of my last comments "on air" last night was "City to win - and it'll be close" - cleverly put if I may say so - and City (the Manchester one) did same - and over the 90 minutes they DID deserve it. Still reckon it was bloody stupid - nay ignorant - nay selfish - of Sky to do the Premiership stuff at lunchtime - just because they didn't have the world-wide - nay universal rights - to the FA Cup Final. In these days of "too much TV footy", it certainly takes the gloss off the FA Cup Final as "The Occasion - The Final Game of the Season" - s'pose you can also blame 'Wemberly plc' who shifted the FA Cup Final because they're hosting the Champs League Final as well - still it all helps to pay off the huge debts incurred in building the bloomin' stadium. Still ... well done to the "other" Manchester side for doing their business as well.

So there you go - no live football pics tonight/this weekend - although I will check out the "Non League Paper" tomorrow - there might well be something local to go to next midweek - who knows - I don't !!!

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dont give up your day job mike