Monday, May 09, 2011

The "Saturday Disaster"

... happened at the end of the game when I was packing up bag - unfortunately one side of the bag zip "failed" so when I put bag on shoulder, the 85mm f1.8 (or "Oldham By-Election" lens as it's known - because that's what paid for it !) lens fell out through gap ... onto ground ...

... thought I'd got away with it - as pic shows it was only the UV filter that smashed ... however after a quick load onto camera body (and a few button presses later) it transpired that "AutoFocus" resulted in a "clicking noise" (as in it was trying to ...) - but no focussing - and manual focussing similarly failed to focus - speechless ?? gutted ?? Something like that ...

Anyway - following a possible lead - both lens (and unfortunately body) have gone into a repair place this lunchtime (won't mention names yet, but if they can do the business they'll get maximum pluggage on here !) - we can only wait and see with fingers etc all crossed.

So - I'm now "sans camera" - which sort of buggers up the Wednesday night football option (New Mills v Winsford United - Vodkat League Cup Final @ Curzon Ashton) - better get back to work tomorrow and start earning !! Meanwhile - here's a grim sky over our street from this afternoon (taken with babycam) ..

Off to Buxton for the Seth Lakeman gig in 60 minutes or so - Shipping Forecast shows gale force 8 on west side of country and "3 or 4 becoming south 5" on the east ... so hopefully no worries in Buxton re shipwrecks !!!

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