Friday, July 01, 2011

Friday Morning Pics

... the cat woke me up at 0430 this morning (the senile old bar steward !) so it was somewhat tricky to return to "snoozeland" - here's a couple of pix taken this morning before heading off to work. We have a "rose bush" - it was in the garden when we moved in over 25 years ago and it very rarely flourishes (just grows big and prickly). However this year - we have a flower - bad year for the greenfly maybe but ... picture with babycam after me sprinking a bit of water on it for effect - and having a fiddle with the "Program" mode on camera to try and get a half-decent speed !!!

... and here are the tomato plants - no fruit yet, but the flowers are there - fingers firmly crossed for some red stuff - eventually ...

... and then I went to work ...

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