Sunday, July 03, 2011

Warm Weekend (Still NO Football !) ...

Warm ... and some !!

Finished work and headed home (via the butchers - Pattisons - runner-up in "Pride of Tameside" Retail Business of the Year no less !) to prepare some of my "special" kebabs for the evening barbie in Rochdale (well Whitworth actually !). No pix of said kebabs (I'm sure I've snapped 'em before and put a pic on here but ...) - but they were prefect - as usual. I call them "Geek Kebabs" - as they were all properly symmetrical (onion, lamb, tomato, lamb, pepper, mushroom, lamb, onion, pepper, lamb etc etc). Also appearing at the barbie were sausages, steaks, courgettes, spare ribs ... and salad for t'others ! Well-fed, a few beers (!), long sleep, big brekkie and then out for a walk today. Walkie pics (really must start taking a decent lens with me on walks - it's the weight though !!) at

Sunday Walk 03Jul11

Started with a "wood" theme - and then we went out into the great wide open ... good walk ... and home to this (once again someone else is cooking - luxury !!!).

Notice Mossley Reserves have played - and won - today (report here). I'm going to put off football for just one more week - and then it's Mossley v FC Halifax Town next Saturday - a 1400hrs kick-off which means I may miss the start depending on work of course - next week I'm back in Greenfield (not Greendale !!). Not checked weather yet but am assuming shorts again - at least for tomorrow.

Tea's smelling rather good - time to close ...

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