Thursday, July 21, 2011

One More Day ...

... and then it's holiday time !!! After work tomorrow, it's drive north - staying over in Glasgow - before going even further north - Scrabster to be exact to catch a ferry to Stromness on Saturday evening. Yes we're off to the Orkney Islands for a week. The "shopping list" is as follows:

Skara Brae
Standing Stones of Stenness
Ring of Brodgar
Broch of Gurness
Mine Howe

(I'll probably take a camera or two !!!)

A couple of "bonus balls" - we've tickets to see Laura Marling (see Wiki) at St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall next Monday ... and there's a cinema up there too - so we'll be watching the final part of the Harry Potter saga as well (it's showing until next Thursday !!).

Football ? Not even thought about it ... consider this site shut for a week (OK I'm taking my laptop - just in case !) ...

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Nortoner said...

Enjoy Smiffy!
Looking forward to seeing lotsa big Scottish skies photos!