Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Words on New Camera - and other stuff

A very very very very very WET day on the streets today - it's 2100 hrs now and my workie shoes are still sodden - I managed to (just about) dry out late this afternoon - no way was I going to any football today - made a welcome change to totally relax on a Saturday afternoon though.

Looking back on last night - a good performance by a more "youthful" Mossley squad up against a fairly "youthful" Macclesfield Town squad - if you saw any of the Mossley youth team games last season, you'll understand. What's needed is to get that mix of youthful exuberance and Evo-Stik experience - certainly the friendlies are the time and the place for this.

... and the camera - well ... a far more responsive shutter - more and better ISO choices (together with double the megapixels) - bigger screen to review stuff ... certainly a quantum leap ! I reckon it was the shutter that really caught my eye (finger ?) though - maybe the old camera was that responsive once upon a time (at least I'm now in a position to put it in for a good service ...). The pics I put up last night were pretty much straight from the camera - a little bit of cropping but that was about it.

Anyway - apologies to Hyde FC for missing the game at Woodley today (see above) - next game will see me getting another one of the Six Tame Sides nder my belt ...

Now though ... more of that relaxing stuff ...

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