Saturday, July 09, 2011

Sick Saturday (plus a bit of Football !!)

Picture posed by "Google model" - sums it up pretty well mind !!

Another poor nights sleep (ended up going downstairs and trying to sleep "sitting up" on the sofa !). Staggered into work and got it over with before getting home and ringing up NHS Emergency Dental Services. Questions/Answers/Questions/Answers. Was told I'd be rung back by a Dental Nurse "waiting time about 1 hour". They rang back - more Questions, more Answers. Was told off for having taken four Ibuprofen in 24 hours (recommend three) - I said it made no difference anyway !! Still ... nothing available today "You could go down to A&E ... but they don't have a dentist, they won't drain the abcess and you'll probably have to wait a while". Next option is to ring back - at 0700 tomorrow morning (!!!!!), go through the whole rigmarole again and they "should" be able to find me an emergency dentist tomorrow morning - fingers/teeth crossed. Another tip was "Try sleeping sitting up - it should help" - beat ya there !!

It was getting on by now, so I grabbed the camera, dusted off the footy lens and arrived at Seel Park about 25 minutes into the first have (it was 1-1 at the time). Finished 5-1 to FC Halifax Town in the end - no complaints - some lethal finishing and punishment of mistakes in short. Didn't take many pix (47 to be exact) - a bit "ring rusty" and my gob was killing me. Anyway - we're off the mark ...

Mossley 1 FC Halifax Town 5 - 09Jul11

Home to this - am now going to try and get some form of food down my throat (well one side of it) before trying out some "horse pills" I was given by "a customer" this morning and having a quiet night in - sitting up (the alarm is already set for 0700 ) !!!

I've another "Grumpy Old Man" post waiting to be put together - concerning Car Insurance ... maybe tomorrow !!

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Chris dyson said...

Hi, Mike, sorry I didn't see you Saturday, like the pictures. Hope you have a good season, some good battlers in the team. Hope the mouth is recovering.
Cheers Chris