Friday, July 08, 2011

I Got Wet !

A cracking album by the way - "Take it Off" is my fave track

A horrible day weather-wise - and having not had much sleep after returning from the John Butler gig last night - I'm right knackered (sleep deprivation due to toothache/abcess whatever it's called these days flaring up BIG style - have made appointment with dentist - earliest they can fit me in is NEXT BLOODY WEDNESDAY - I'll either be dead or it will have burst by then ... can normally handle this sort of thing - but this one - it's bloody painful even with Ibuprofen double strength and alcohol)

Going out for tea tonight (obviously will be eating left-handed/mouthed !!) and then home later - looking for an early kick-off tomorrow morning (work !) so as to give me half a chance of getting to Seel Park for the other early (1400hrs) kick-off - all assuming I'm in any fit state to work/take photos/exist. I have had the odd abcess before .. but this one has just literally appeared/blown up in 24 hours or so ... and it effing hurts !

Hey ho ... onward ever onward ... (at least I've a ready-made excuse for cr*p pix tomorrow !!)

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