Sunday, July 17, 2011

Something "from" the Weekend !!

... as opposed to the usual phrase ... (!)

Mrs Smiffy - and siblings - have been attending a family wedding "daarnn saarff" (Henley-on-Thames) this weekend. I was of course "at work" ... holidays and Royal Mail make up an interesting (and emotive) subject - ask any postie !! Suffice to say, I didn't make it.

Sounds like it was a good "do" - good service, good food, boats up the Thames etc etc ... and look what came back to Mossley late this afternoon while I was preparing a Roast Beef Dinner ....

Unfortunately (fortunately ??) - it wasn't full - but people HAD been told that it needed drinking by Monday night at the latest. Never one to duck out of a challenge me ... so I'm doing my best as we type (!!) ... and to save having to zoom in on the above pic - here's the important information ...

Enough for now ... there's "work" to be done tonight !!!

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Anonymous said...

That beer is brewed where I'm now living, Mike - it's in the town of Stoke Mandeville (Jimmy Saville not included).