Friday, January 27, 2012

Aargh !!!

View from front window at 1655hrs today (with bonus small cat in foreground !)

One Saturday off for ages - God knows what it's going to do with tomorrow's football options - "bugger" is another option instead of "aargh" I guess ...

Spent a fruitless hour or so clambering over wrecked motors this morning - getting dirty AND wet - looking for the car part - have since rung the Vauxhall dealership in Oldham - they have one, and I'll pick it up tomorrow morning (no doubt paying some ludicrous price + VAT as well - but hey ho ... needs must). (EDIT 0940 Saturday morning - OK I lied ... 98p +VAT ... can live with that !!!)

Tonight's meal = Chinese - home-made of course !

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