Sunday, January 22, 2012

Curzon Ashton v Garforth Town

It DID get better for Chris McDonagh !!!

... you've probably noticed that I've been a "touch lax" during this last seven days - no "proper" midweek football does make a difference to one's state of "bloggermind" (together with a bad attack of "idleitis" I guess !). Anyway - promise to do better this week (I'll have more time too - because I've got a week's holiday - already checking out possibilities of a long distance trip/full footy day out for next Saturday !).

Meanwhile some pictures from a perishingly cold and windy Tameside Stadium today ...

Curzon Ashton 3 Garforth Town 1

Tomorrow - OK later today - a bit of a walk ... but now - a bit of a sleep !

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