Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jack Frost 1 SmiffyFootball 0

... hey ho - got the call around 1130 (thanks Andy !) letting me know that both Ashton United and Curzon Ashton's games were off due to froz pitches. Got home well after 1430hrs to find that the Mossley Ressies game had also been called off - so even a second half 'up the road' was out of the question. Grrr ... As it stands (nearly half-time time !) Stalybridge are 1-0 down at Guiseley - and I'm going out quite soon for a couple of "small sherries" - and hopefully to get some interesting sunset pictures from up Top Mossley (looking down onto Manchester) - there's been a few on't'internet from yesterday (I think - maybe Thursday) of some nice orange glows - we'll see later.

Meanwhile - a picture of my lunch (via phone cam so not brill) - the "Britannia Inn" (Mossley) version of the "Manchester Egg" - a pickled egg inside a black pudding and sausage meat mix with a minimal breadcrumb crust.

Very nice indeed - although (personal view this) I don't feel the egg needs to be pickle; hard boiled would suffice - and I would maybe have put a little bit (not too much) of mustard powder (or some wholegrains) into the black pud/soss meat mix for a little extra "bite". That's MasterChef over for today !! Fingers crossed for a decent sunset - and a win for Mossley @ Witton (that game WAS called on) ...


Anonymous said...

Looks good, nearly went in there on the Real Ale Trail. Is it worth a visit?

Mike Smith said...

What can I say - six real ales - nearest pub to our house - and somewhere to drop into after a hard day's post before going home!

So .. yes !