Monday, January 23, 2012

Holiday - Day One

... had a nice lie-in (until 0710 hrs - yes I call that a lie-in !) - managed a late cancellation at the dentist - for 1030 hrs - and the crap bus timings meant a 2 mile walk to get there (!) - got the "all clear" for the next six months mind (must be something in these electrified toothbrushes apart from electricity ...). Into Ashton for haircut (my snipper - Guiseppe - knows the Mum and Dad of Simone Perrota aka one-third of the statue outside the Curzon Ashton ground). So ... that was two-thirds of the "boring jobs" for the week sorted - just a trip to the doctors left (prob do that tomorrow morning). A bit of shopping in Ashton (as in three items from Poundland ... cost ... £3 ... you guessed). In fact one of the items was some seed potatoes (Pentland Javelin for you afficianados), so the next step is to Google "chit potatoes", and we're on the move spud-wise ...

Back to Mossley - small shandy in the "Brit" - and a photo from compact camera !! This is Mossley Town Hall - now a private dwelling but there are rooms used for Parish Council meetings and other such worthy stuff I believe.

Yes ... Photoshop strikes again !!

Home to cook Cottage Pie - and now this ...

Football tomorrow (after cooking a gammon joint and other stuff) is going to be Droylsden v Eastwood Town.

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