Sunday, February 24, 2013

Curzon Ashton v Warrington Town

So ... 1214hrs - walking the mean streets of Uppermill - and the phone bursts into life ("Into the Gutter" by the Answer ... the official SmiffyPhone Txt Msg Ring Tone).  The message "Game is OFF" - referring to the Mossley game.  A touch unexpected to be honest, but once I got home I found out it wasn't the only one - locally, the Ashton United game had similarly bitten the frozen dust amongst a fair few others in the Evo-Stik.  However - Curzon Ashton v Warrington Town was still on - and a quick phone call confirmed this.  Train to Ashton - lines had been cleaned at the "Prince of Orange" (see last Monday !!) and then a walk down to the Tameside Stadium - and it was BUSY !!!  'Twas another one of those Junior Team Presentation Days - official attendance 390.  No problem with that - apart from having large numbers of youngsters running around the ground occasionally asking questions like "What's the score ??" and "Did someone just get a red card ?".  There were also a large number of peeps in yellow hi-vis jackets - were they there to protect the people actually watching the game maybe ??

Look at the size of his ... the "Non League Paper" snapper with the £5,000 lens ...

 Anyway - to football ... a strange first half with Warrington seeming to have the lion's share of possession yet going in at half-time 3-0 down.  Job done for the home side it seemed - they certainly took their foot off the gas in the second half - Warrington pulled one back, and looked like they could score more.  However the aforementioned red card (Lee Parle for all you youngsters running around !!) seemed to put the tin lid on it and Curzon grabbed a fourth before a 90th minute consolation for the away team.  

Kris Dennis denied by outstretched boot entering picture stage right ...

 So yes - in the end it WAS job done - and it moves Curzon up into 5th place and, as I said last Monday after their win over Mossley, the play-offs are starting to look a distinct possibility.  Some pictures from the game at
Curzon Ashton 4 Warrington Town 2

Home to defrost - yes it was another bloomin' cold football afternoon - eat tea slob out in front of the box - enjoyed "The Men Who Stare at Goats" - cracking film.  Sort pictures, scribble this ... and that's about it ...

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