Thursday, February 21, 2013

Whoo Hoo - Furlough ...

OK posh word (usually military-based but having worked with the MOD in a previous life ...)

Yep - a day off tomorrow (must admit my Manager was astonished when I told him earlier this week - but no problems/hassle !!).  So ... me and Mrs Smiffy are off on a "day out" ... destination ... Saltaire ... never been before, so it'll be good to see the complete "Victorian Model Village" - there's a few knocking about (Port Sunlight etc)  - such a great idea - apart from the lack of pubs !!!  You'll not find any philantropists like that around these days.

Natch taking the camera - we'll see what we can snap - there's even the Leeds/Liverpool Canal there as well - so maybe a bit of a stroll (albeit that the weather is going to be cr*p again - hey ho)

Another point worth making - checked out the train fares from Mossley to Saltaire - an off-peak return is £17-90 - ergo £35-80 for two.  However - being the person wot I am - I checked out further ... and found a "Northern Duo" ticket from Mossley to Marsden @ £9-00 ... and then two off-peak returns from Marsden to Saltaire @ £6-40 each - total ... £21-80 - ergo £14-00 saved - crazy innit - it'll pay for lunch and more !!!

Meanwhile ... nothing else really ....

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